South Florida Pet Expo

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Saturday, April 21st, 2018
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10:30 AM: Welcome to the 2018 South Florida Pet Expo!

11:30 AM: The™ Adoptable Parade of Rescue Pets
Try not to squeal with delight as our various rescue groups parade around the stage with some of their select pets in need of forever homes! Rescue group representatives will also be available to provide information on adopting a new pet companion. Adopt, don’t shop!

12:00 PM: 2018 Fur-Baby Fashion Show Presented by G Girl Productions
G Girl Productions is the worldwide premier event coordinator for fur-baby events and fur-baby fashion shows. These diverse fur-baby events are made possible with the passion-driven founder of G Girls Productions, Laura. She coordinates a variety of events that include rescue fundraisers, fur-baby fashion shows, birthday pawties, bark mitzvahs and fur-baby showers. Laura has captured the attention of media outlets such as Alpha Media West Palm Beach, Lick Magazine, Jupiter Magazine, Atlantic Avenue Magazine and Palm Beach link. She has a growing team of dedicated volunteers that assist with her administrative duties and is collaborating with PRG Web Solutions to run the backend of G Girls Productions and Fantabulous Fur Babies with her websites, videos and marketing. With a successful team and Laura’s popularity in the fur-baby world, she’s been a celebrity guest judge for numerous fundraisers. G Girls Productions plans on hosting more of these elaborate events worldwide, such as her next upcoming fur-baby event in New York City this August of 2018. They are in the works of expanding their team and reach through hosting more events like the one in Virginia this April of 2018 and through the promotion of social media.

1:00 PM: Will Your Pooch Be the Next America’s Top Dog Model?
An open “Casting Call” for America’s Top Dog Model® 2018 Contest will take place at 1:00 PM. Up to three finalists will be selected and featured in their upcoming calendar and have the opportunity to compete nationally for the title of America’s Top Dog Model 2018. This event will be filmed for a video and attendees and exhibitors are invited to participate. Please register for the casting call at Booth #111

2:00 PM: Pet/Guardian Musical Chair Competition
Musical Chairs is a doggy variation of the classic children’s game. Music plays as handlers walk with their dog’s off-leash counter-clockwise around a rectangular area. A line of chairs (with alternating chairs facing in opposite direction) runs down the center of the rectangle. When the music stops, the handlers instruct their dogs to sit by verbal request and hand signal only (i.e., without touching them) and rush to sit on a vacant chair in the center of the rectangle. Last dog (and owner) sitting wins!

2:30 PM: The™ Adoptable Parade of Rescue Pets
Try not to squeal with delight as our various rescue groups parade around the stage with some of their select pets in need of forever homes! Rescue group representatives will also be available to provide information on adopting a new pet companion. Adopt, don’t shop!

3:00 PM: Is a Small Animal the Right Pet for You?
Christina Ripley, President and Co-Founder, Josephine's Rat Rescue, Inc.
Most pets are adopted to be companions because of their capacity to love and be loved. Pet rats are just as capable of affection as dogs and cats, but carry the stigma of vermin and pests because of their distant cousins! Norway rats have been domesticated for over 150 years and can be wonderful companions. Not only are they loving and loyal, they have individual personalities and are extremely intelligent. No two are alike, just as no two people are alike. Even if you’re just a little curious, please come over and learn how to care for and prepare a home for these amazing animals. See why pet rat owners say, “Rats make the best pets!”

3:45: Animals Got Talent!™ Pet Talent Contest
Does your pet have an amazing talent? Of course, they do! Then it’s a good thing that bragging rights are up for grabs because this is your pet’s chance to show off and awe us all with their mad skills! Animals Got Talent!™ Pet Talent Contest consists of three categories: “best trick overall”, “most creative trick”, and “silliest trick”. Audience applause will determine the winner of a fabulous prize!

5:15 PM: The Biggest, Baddest, Bestest Pet Costume Contest Evah!
Pet supermodels sashaying their costumed selves on the Pet Expo’s (err, very makeshift) catwalk? Um, yes please, and we’ll take a second serving too, thankyouverymuch! Show off your pet dressed in their costumed best for the super popular Pet Costume Contest! Any pet is welcome to participate, whether they’re canine, feline, porcupine, or just simply divine. There’s just one itsy bitsy teeny tiny caveat: to be eligible to win, your pet must wear a costume. Audience applause will determine first, second, and third-place winners. You can be confident that we’ve had extensive totally-scientific training in judging these types of things and can quickly identify audience enthusiasm down to a single clap too. To enter, bring your pet to the stage by 5:00 PM and be ready to work, sashay, shante!


Provided by Swift Paws
Swift Paws Lure Course

Saturday, April 21st, 2018
All day, 10:00AM to 6:00PM

Racing across a grassy course with the wind in their face, free as a bird, and a “lure” just within reach? It doesn’t get much better than that, folks! Lure coursing is a sport for dogs (and even the occasional kitty!) which involves chasing an exciting mechanical “lure” that jerks, jumps, wiggles, and turns on a dime, much like those elusive squirrels and rabbits that somehow (luckily) always manage to get away. So any pet who enjoys an exciting game of “Chase,” regardless of age, ability, handicap, size, or skill, is welcome to give the Lure Course a try! The sport of lure coursing is rapidly increasing in popularity, and once you’ve taken a gander at this game in action, you’ll see exactly why. This is a very popular feature, so those whose pooch (or courageous cat) would love a chance to give it a go, should make their way right over to the course and sign up - All runs only $5!


Provided by Off Leash™ K9 Training West Palm Beach

Saturday, April 21st, 2018
All day, 10:00AM to 6:00PM

Randi LaFerney is the owner of 17 locations of Off Leash K9 Training throughout FL, TN, TX & NC, of which there are over 100 locations nationwide. Her location in South Florida deals with aggression cases, fearful cases, plus the regular jumping on people, barking, pulling on the leash sort of issues. Basically, teaching dogs to be better family members. In addition, OLK9 will be adding tracking/trailing, Diabetic Alert Dogs, and Scent Work to the menu of services. They also help train dogs to help their owners with PTSD. Randi sits on the Board of Directors of Southeast German Shepherd Rescue, the largest German Shepherd Rescue on the East Coast. Last year, this rescue pulled 454 German Shepherds out of shelters, off the streets, and bad situations and adopted them out.


Provided by South Florida Herpetological Society

Saturday, April 21st, 2018
All day, 10:00AM to 6:00PM

Snakes and Skinks! Lizards and Geckos! Turtles and Toads! Tons of folks think that reptiles make super cool pet companions and, as a result, these incredible creatures continue to grow in popularity. In fact, an estimated 4.6 million households in the US happen now own at least one reptile. Sadly, many prospective pet parents have no idea which of these magnificent creatures would make the best fit for their lifestyle or family, leaving millions of animals misunderstood and mistreated right from the start. Learning about the natural history, safe handling, and proper captive care of these beautiful creatures is the key to ensuring that our reptile friends thrive as they should. South Florida Herpetological Society works to educate the public on the care and needs of these amazing animals. They also work to spread the word that not only are reptiles great pets, but they also play an important role in the wild. Join them as they share some fun facts and fascinating stories about the amazing reptiles in their care.