Florida Pet Con

Presenting, Playful Pet Portraits of your Purr-fectly Precious Pets, Painted with Pastels


Has your heart been captured by a comical canine or fussy feline? Our pets are members of the family. It’s why we love taking photos of them. We want to remember how they look and act. There’s another way to preserve those timeless memories. With a custom pastel pet portrait that enhances your companion’s endearing expression. .Rae Marie creates colorful pastel portraits of pets from photos of your furry family treasure for reference or an appointment can be made for a quick photo session at a minimal fee. Each pet portrait is created with soft pastels on a suede mat board to capture your dog or cat’s unique personality

“If you’re not a dog or cat owner, don’t despair. I enjoy painting animal portraits of rabbits, horses and piglets too!”

Another benefit to having a portrait created by Playful Pet Portraits is that a donation from each portrait goes to a pet organization of your choice on behalf of you and your pet!

Her website also presents a collection of Playful Pet Portraits that have been commissioned by numerous clients. Generally working in a square format, (although this depends on the composition and the height of the ears), she enjoys working with the bright colors and the quirky, playful looks. If you prefer a more traditional approach, she is more than willing to achieve that desired “look” too.

Make a deposit towards your Playful Pet Portrait during the event, you'll get a free set of notecards ($24 value) after your portrait is complete!


                                       Capture Your Pet’s Unique Personality with a Playful Pet Portrait by Rae Marie!

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